Goof Bets and the Best Wins for You

At the betting exchange, you can place similar bets as at other betting agencies. There is at least a long bet, a result bet and various handicap bets. Targets are available most for large species, but small species are also represented. So playing on a betting exchange can be just as much fun and even more profitable than playing on regular betting sites.

The most popular types of betting

Back in the 1990s, Finns 먹튀 검증 bet mainly on football, hockey and baseball, but today there are up to thousands of different betting sites available every day. You can bet on, for example, tennis, basketball, athletics, floorball or even the party that wins the parliamentary elections.

However, the most popular sports for betting in Finland are quite traditional. However, betting on different sports has its own laws and rules of thumb that you should consider before you start playing. We will tell you more about these next!


Hockey is the most watched sport in Finland, so it is no wonder that it is also the most popular sport for betting. The most common types of hockey bets are 1X2 bets and Result bet. Various handicap bets as well as over / under bets are also very common.

Plus sign Handicap bets (e.g. Jokers +1.5 goals) are one of the most profitable forms of betting in betting. The gaming market often overestimates even its pre-favorite position in hockey, and it is possible to get really good odds with an underdog equalizer. In contrast, handicap bets with a minus sign (Jokers -1.5 goals) are often unprofitable in hockey, as significantly more single-goal matches are seen in hockey than the game market assumes.

Here are some other things to consider when it comes to hockey betting:

Team motivation

There are really a lot of matches played in hockey during the season. The hockey playoff system also means that some of the regular season matches are almost insignificant. This is especially true in the hockey NHL, where more than 80 matches are played during the regular season.

Intra-division matches are far more important than other matches in the NHL, as these have the greatest impact on teams ’playoff chances. This is something to keep in mind when considering bets.


The coach plays quite a role in hockey. Especially when the team changes coach in the middle of the season. A change of coach usually cheers the team to at least the next three matches, but in some cases a change of coach may wake the team on a hard flight for the rest of the season. It is a good idea to consider coach changes in at least the first five matches of the coach.

Hockey injuries

Injuries and bans play a big part in hockey, but not nearly as big a role as in hockey or basketball. The importance of an individual star player in hockey is not very great, as success in hockey is really strongly based on team play.

The only exception to the rule is the goalkeeper. If a high-quality second goalkeeper cannot be found in a team, the absence of a first goalkeeper is of great importance to the team’s probability of winning. In the NHL, however, reserve goalkeepers tend to be so good that the team’s chances of winning don’t fall much when playing with a second goalkeeper.

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